About Us

What is the Coalition for a Livable West Side?

The Coalition for a Livable West Side, formed in 1981, is a grass roots all-volunteer, community-based environmental organization whose members care about the city and protecting a healthy environment. Contributions to Coalition are tax-deductible - 501 (c)(3). All funds that are raised are used for forums, meetings, newsletters, briefing materials, information flyers, legal and environmental consultants. Membership consists of individuals, tenant associations, block associations, cooperative and condominium boards, and other community organizations.

What are our Goals?

As the West Side of Manhattan's leading non-government voice, Coalition, working together with other community, neighborhood and environmental groups, educates and raises public awareness and mobilizes people to act as advocates for the safeguarding of our environment and for sound and rational city-wide planning.

Coalition's members believe that change has to improve the quality of life, not reduce it for people who live in the city, and that creative and effective master planning would result in revitalizing all areas of city life.

How do we achieve those goals?

Coalition's consultants examine, track and analyze West Side development and infrastructure issues and their impact on the environment and on the community. Officers and members of Coalition regularly attend, monitor and testify at Community Planning Board meetings, City Planning Commission (CPC) and City Council hearings. Our consultants examine Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) and serve as 'whistle-blowers' by testifying before City agencies. Coalition challenges the City and State governments to obey all laws that protect our environment and the community by insisting on creative and effective master planning for the city.

Coalition educates the public as to how these projects will impact on every aspect of their lives, through frequent newsletters, public forums, meetings, preparation of briefing materials and flyers. This website, livablenewyork.org, has been established to more effectively communicate with Coalition members and allied organizations throughout the city and country.


President Emeritus: Madeleine Polayes

President: Batya Lewton

Vice-President: Deb Stevens

Vice-President: Erika Petersen

Treasurer: M. Katherine Williston

Secretary: Mary Ellen Grimes

Kudos From a Member

“Coalition's newsletters we have been getting are a valuable one for those of us whose home is on the West Side. It makes us aware in advance of plans that can hurt us, as well as those which can help us.

“This  'watchdog' group has accomplished much with limited resources. It keeps us informed and it takes action to improve our quality of life. We may not agree with every single stance that they take, but their consistent advocacy does keep other interests more 'honest'.”

“If more of us became members or contributed, the Coalition for a Livable West Side could do even more.

“Membership” is only $25. a year. It is a good investment. And if you choose to support them with more, they will come and hug you. Join the Coalition today.”

Brian D.

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